The Plan

April 24, 2010

The day before race day was magnificent. I visited a friend whom I have known for 33 years but have not seen in 17, and I felt like a big gap in my life was closed. I got to see Tina and meet  her amazing husband and her unbelievably adorable son. Three hours was too short to catch up on 17 years. I arrived in tears and left in tears. It was the absolute best part of this trip. I vowed to come back with my family next year. Promised. Pinky swore.

the cutest family EVER!

There is just something about this state that draws me back. Gun hasn’t even gone off yet and I am already scoping out hotels. Luc would love it here. A great vacation destination.

Carbo loading went well. The team is ready. It’s fun to see Matt get so wide eyed, it’s his first ever big race and he’s ready. Kim made us pasta and chicken at her hotel. Don and family are just down the road from us.

I will admit that my heart sank when I discussed the race plan with the Wizard. This is a bike course I could throw down a 2:20 right now on. But I will not ride it faster than 2:30.  He set my heart rate zone window to be between 135-142. Boo. My endurance zone is about 122-130 and honestly this should land me right around a 2:30. I have to hold back the urge to ride faster. I write this here because I will show you all of the data tomorrow night. I have to stick to this plan. It’s the whole reason I am here.

But let’s go from the beginning:

Swim: with the wind blowing the buoys all around and the swim getting cancelled in today’s Intermediate distance race who the heck knows how the swim will be tomorrow. Without fail I swim 1.2 miles in about 30 minutes. Any slower and the course is long and any faster means I am just smokin fast. We are just beginning to turn on my swim here, I traditionally swim an Ironman swim in 57-58 minutes and with IM 7 months away I am not in a hurry. being a swimmer it’s a matter of hitting the on button. With all that being said I never think twice about a swim split until I compare with the professional women who I can gauge myself off of. Why does Andy Potts swim these in 22? I can’t get over that. Goal time: 30 minutes.

Bike: as I said we’ve got a big heart rate ceiling and small window. I am determined to dial it in. Historically I have been able to bike with the professional women and traditionally I follow that up with a horrendous run. So heart rate between 136-142, cadence > 90. Okay. I shall do it. Goal time: 2:30

the view from kim's condo

Run: I have been running and running well this week. Thanks to the run injury protocol I really don’t feel like I missed a step. I am not a sub 1:40 1/2 marathoner …… Y.E.T., and the focus is pacing. So mile 1 needs to go out in 7:50 and then we need to hang onto that as long as possible. This run course is four 3.2 mile loops and I look forward to that. Ever do Eagleman 70.3? I swear you can see that turn around from 4 miles away. There are a lot of turns and some loops and doglegs. I like that stuff. Goal time: 1:43-1:47.

You do the math on the finishing time but I am focused on pacing, pacing and pacing if I again have not mentioned it.

The weather is predicted to be 82 degrees with a 10 mph northeast wind and humidity of 50%. I like those conditions and I look forward to improving in those conditions.

Thank you so very very much for the email, comments, texts, and voicemails. Believe me I do not ever forget how many amazing friends I have out there. I love the community of multsiport. I love how we all cheer one another on, that we love each other no matter what.

All right, it’s time for bed. I actually sleep very very well the night before a race. I need to be woken by an alarm clock! And if you are following online I begin at 8:10 central time!


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  1. Good Luck Mary! Danni

  2. Good luck, Mary! You are probably swimming (really well) right now. Off to go follow.

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