Cycledelic Indoor Cycling Studio

I am a self-described spinning snob. I know that, you know that. We all know that. It’s actually a HUGE character flaw of mine. One that I am working on.

This article describes the ways I believe you can get the most out of your spinning class.

This article talks about how I became such a snob, and talks about why I believe spinning can have a place in multisport training.

When I walk into a spinning class I want a class like I would teach. That’s how much of a snob I am. And since I am not being part of the solution I decided to do some exploring. There is a new indoor cycling studio in town that caught my eye, called Cycledelic. It’s located at 12 Corners in Brighton and in between a Starbucks and Panera Bread. That right there spells invitation.

For the record…. I don’t know the owners. I wanted to go and check out a class and their studio without being on an invite. I pay for my own classes when I do things like this (I insist on that) and I wasn’t asked to review. I like to share the good stuff, if it’s not good I just don’t talk about it. I like to see what’s going on out there.

I am a fan of indoor cycling (also known as spinning) for reasons I listed in the above two links. I tend to train pretty early and I don’t like to head out on by tri or road bike in the dark although I have lots of lights. I am a parent so the option of spending a few hours in the evening on my bike just doesn’t exist. I also have the worry of being hit and not coming home. I would probably not go to a computrainer studio because I have a computrainer, and I don’t feel like lugging my bike around. Plus I am social and I love music. Besides….. I enjoy it. There are things are efforts I can hit on a spinning bike that I can’t hit outside. As I outlined in the above links the positions you can execute on a spin bike lend themselves to overall strength on the road….. when done correctly inside.

In many other parts of the country indoor cycling studios are the rage. Out in California there is YAS… a Yoga and Spinning studio started by former professional triathlete Kim Fowler. Her model has been a huge success. Like yoga studios, these indoor cycling studios offer something a bit different from a big gym indoor cycling program.

We went on Tuesday morning to take Matt’s class. As we walked in I noticed right away the feel was perfect. It was a smooth easy check in. You have the option of purchasing classes online, one at a time, ten at a time. There are two showers a bathroom, and a place to store your gear. Perfect.


The studio itself was really unique. The lighting was nice and dim, for some reason I love that. There was a screen in the front of the room. I was a little bit nervous I will be honest. The last time I took a spinning class with a screen the instructor took us on a ‘simulated ride.” Those…. just don’t work. Let’s see what this is about…. I thought to myself.

But let me start with the bike. I have ridden just about every indoor cycling bike on the face of this earth. Spinners to Le monde’s to…. everything. At my regular gym the bikes measure power but…. they are not accurate. Which is fine if you understand that going into the mix.

At Cycledelic they have FreeMotion Fitness S11.9 indoor cycles with the ability to measure power, heart rate, cadence and speed. They also have the option of using the toe clip or an spd cleat.

Below the power console is pictured. What you don’t see is at the top there is a USB port. you can bring your own flash drive, plug it in and then at home download your workout. I forgot to ask what it downloads to, but next Tuesday I am going to give that a try!

I regularly ride with a QUARQ powermeter, so when I ride with power on an indoor cycling bike I can usually gauge how accurate these types of units are. Two of my friends were with me who also train with power. After about 15 minutes we all looked at each other and said the same thing “I think these things are actually accurate”  . They were! That’s a first for me. Knowing that I now can actually use those numbers! Sweet!

Class began and it was obvious Matt has had a good background in cycling and in teaching. Nothing is worse than the poppy little instructor who bounces all over the bike and spins at an rpm of 120 while “climbing a hill.” Talk about nails on a chalkboard.

The screen lit up and I was pleasantly surprised.  As we rode we watched the Paris-Robaix  race. While I read about it online and catch glimpses of the actual race, I had never actually watched a good hour of footage from it. It’s one of the oldest races in cycling and not only have I never watched it for an hour, never on a bike on a screen like this.

What I liked about Matt’s class format is that he had a structure, a profile if you will but he didn’t try to replicate the race we were watching. “You can’t replicate cobblestones inside” He joked but he had a very good class format and structure that coincided with some of the terrain the cyclists were riding as well.

A look at their studio, I like this studio

I liked it. I really liked it. I liked that it’s a cycling studio. I liked the format of the class. I liked watching the video. I liked the music. I liked the atmosphere. One of the beautiful things about indoor rides like this is that you can be a complete beginner and ride next to a world-class athlete and you can  adjust the class to fit you either way.

The prices of the classes are right on par with what yoga studios in the area offer. $16 a class is right in line with what other places charge and their of course are some really good deals with Groupon and like many, they have class package options.

My impressions: this place is a hidden gem. If you want a quality workout on an indoor bike, this is your place. I like the whole idea behind it. Like I said this is what is happening in California and New York City, if you follow trends in fitness that’s what you watch. Indoor cycling has been around for over 15 years and this is the next level for it. Like yoga studios you will see more specialty studios popping up like this one.

I highly recommend Cycledelic. I plan on hitting Matt’s class on Tuesday again and I would love to see you there. In fact, let’s plan on it. Then we can walk over and grab a coffee on the way home!!!!

October 2020